ECO Enviro Cool XLI is a unique low-toxic, environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor. Made in Belgium, our coolant is based on a patented aliphatic technology providing long-life corrosion protection in aqueous solutions for all engine metals, including aluminium, iron, copper and solder alloys. It can be used as an engine cooling water treatment, a flushing fluid, or a hot test fluid for new engine blocks. Proven to provide exceptional protection for at least 32,000 hours in marine and stationary applications, ECO Enviro Cool XLI combines exceptional performance with long-life economy to help keep your engines running smoothly for years.


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ECO Enviro Cool XLI Coolant featuring a low-toxic, environmentally friend corrosion inhibitor


Please contact your local ECO representative for more information on our product, its intended application and performance benefit.


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