ECO Lubricant Business Policy

This policy affirms ECO’s commitment to develop itself in a sustainable way. This applies to all businesses that we either directly operate or contract out. ECO’s employee will handle the day-to-day business according to ECO’s defined procedures and guidelines.


  • Demonstrate commitment through leadership and participation at all levels. We will actively involve and consult all stakeholders, to create an open culture where personnel take pride in delivering operational excellence with consideration to safety, health and the protection of the environment.
  • Strive for sustainability in all aspects of the business, with priority given to areas that offer opportunities for breakthroughs to new levels of operational excellence.
  • Maintain contingency plans to minimise the consequences of reasonably foreseeable incidents and to ensure business continuity.
  • Understanding the requirements of our internal and external customers, develop and supply products and services which fully meet those requirements.
  • Quality Policy – We are committed to providing quality products, in the right quantity, in the right condition, on time, at the right price with service that meets our customer requirements.
  • Develop performance standards which strive towards sustainability-minded work by all personnel. We put quality first, and never at the expense of health and safety or the environment.


  • Protect and monitor the environment and health of our employees, contractors and other by integrating quality, safety, health and environmental affairs through our management system.
  • Provide the resources, information, training and supervision required to implement this policy.


  • Support research, development and investment into technologies to lower the safety, health and environmental impact of our business.
  • Consult and inform stakeholders about the sustainability aspect of our activities and products, taking account of their concerns.